Watching movies about drug addiction can be a scary experience for some people. Not only do movies about drug addiction make viewers feel uncomfortable, but they also trigger emotions and memories that viewers can’t forget. 

But that’s okay. Because this list doesn’t just offer viewers a look at movies about drug addiction for their entertainment. This list also offers a look at these movies for their significance in the field of drug addiction research. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 7 best movies about drug addiction.

1. American Psycho (2000)

Taking place in New York City in the early 1990s, Christian Bale portrays a young investment banker named Patrick Bateman who is addicted to drugs and obsessed with murder. Patrick’s drug of choice? Cocaine. The movie also depicts Patrick’s relationships with his coworkers and family, including his relationship with his sister and mother. All of these aspects of Patrick’s life are driven by Patrick’s incessant need for drugs.

 2. A Clockwork Orange (1971)

This cult classic depicts a futuristic dystopian world where rock ‘n roll is “crimson, orange and sometimes green.” The audience witnesses a world where music has been banned by the government and the youth are brainwashed into “liking” classical music. Alex, the protagonist of the film, is addicted to drugs and a young man who is full of anger and hatred. Alex collects “droogs,” or gang members, and makes a plan to rob a house. Alex’s violent and sadistic rampage through the streets of London is driven by his addiction to drugs.

3. Brick (2005)

This movie explores the world of drugs and addiction in a very different way than the other movies on this list. In “Brick,” a group of high school students are participating in a secret society called The Losers’ Club. The society is dedicated to fighting a monster that comes to their town every 30 years.

The society’s activities include making a movie to lure the monster out of hiding. Halfway through the making of their movie, the Losers’ Club learns about a new drug called “Ommy,” which is all over the school and available for purchase. With the help of their friend, the Losers’ Club learns about Ommy, the consequences of drug use, and the lack of understanding many in their community have about drug addiction.

4. Crash (2004)

This movie shows the perspective of two people with different views on drug addiction. The first character is an older man named Carl, who is a recovering alcoholic. Carl is living with a younger man, who is also an addict. Carl and his friend collide while they are driving and Carl stops to help his friend. During the course of their conversation, Carl learns more about his friend’s addiction and Carl encourages him to seek help. The other character in the movie is a younger woman named Brooke, who is addicted to prescription drugs. Brooke’s story is different from Carl’s because Brooke’s addiction is driven by her need for acceptance from her friends and family.

5. Drug Wars (2012)

This movie is an investigative documentary-style film that follows the life of one woman as she attempts to recover from her drug addiction. The woman is referred to only as “Trish” in the film, but her life is also the backbone to the film’s importance to the field of drug addiction research.

Trish is described in the film as a “scrounger” who will steal things to support her drug habit. In addition to the stealing, Trish is also the target of people who are trying to help her quit drugs. The story of Trish and her recovery is told through interviews with doctors, nurses, and her friends and family. The interviews are interspersed with scenes from Trish’s life as she tries to recover.

6. Go (2006)

This movie features a young man named Denny who is addicted to meth. Denny is also in a very low place in his life. He is addicted to meth and struggling to find a job and a place to live. The story of Denny is not only a look at his life while he is addicted to meth, but also a look at how his life changes after he awakens from a 12-day coma. The coma is a life-changing event for Denny because it forces him to rethink his life, his addiction, and his relationship with his family. After waking up from the coma, Denny struggles to understand who he is and where he should go with his life.

7. Goodbye Lenin! (2003)

This movie takes place in 1970s Russia. The story begins with a scientist named Viktor Ivanov, an expert in anesthesia and drug addiction. Viktor has been researching a drug that he calls “Through the Wormhole,” which is described as a “joy drug for the masses.” The movie follows Viktor as he works to create and distribute his drug.

In addition to showing the story of Viktor’s life and work, this movie also shows the desperation of the Russian people during that time. The movie depicts how the Russian people are starving, and many of them turn to drugs to deal with the stress and hunger they are feeling.

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Drug addiction is a very real and very serious problem. Movies about drug addiction help viewers to feel uncomfortable, but they also help viewers to understand the consequences of drug addiction. This list of the 7 best movies about drug addiction offers a look at these movies for their significance in the field of drug addiction research. These movies show how drugs impact people’s lives in different ways.

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